Hack Your Way: Free Background Checks on the iPhone (Update)

The background checking service BeenVerified is normally paid. And you also have to set up an account. But their iPhone app gives you 1 free credit to try out their service. But it verifies your a new custamer with your UUID, which can EASILY be spoofed!


BeenVerified iPhone App (Free)

A Jailbroken iOS Device

UDID Faker ( from the xsellize repo “cydia.xsellize.com” without the quotes)



1. Open up BeenVerified and use your 1st free credit (You don’t have to make an account). Once you’ve used your free credit exit the app and delete it from your multitasking bar. Open up UDID Faker and select BeenVerified and change your UUID! Now open back up BeenVerified and use your free credit again.

UPDATE: Now you have to make an account to use the credit. But thats not really a problem, because you could just put a fake email and password (they don’t send a verification email). This is actually a bonus, because you can go online and sign in with your “fake” account and use your credit online (which has a little more options).

Your old searches won’t be on there anymore. But before you change your UUID you can email yourself a copy of the Background report from the app!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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