Hack Your Way: to Free Internet!


MAC spoofing is easy! And you can do it on any operating system. We are going to use it to get free internet at paid hotspots. Wireless routers identify users by their MAC addresses. If you spoof someone else’s MAC address that has already paid, you will get free internet to! This works best when you are at a hotel, or somewhere where people aren’t always using their computers because two MAC address cant be on the same network at the same time.


A Computer

A Network Scanner (I use iNet for Mac)


NOTE: I will be using a Mac, but these instructions can easily be done on any computer.

1. First learn how to spoof your MAC address.


CLICK HERE FOR WINDOWS (You can use any software this is just one of many!)

2. Log onto the network you want free internet. After you are on the correct network you need to scan it for MAC Address. To scan on Mac I would recommend iNet. On windows use this. Make note of all of them. A couple hours later scan again. Note which ones aren’t there anymore. I like iNet because it does this for you. iNet is also available on the iPhone and is FREE!

3. Now pick one of the ones that was offline and use that MAC address as your spoofed address. Log back onto the network and you should have free internet. If you don’t that person hasn’t paid and you need to try a different offline MAC address.

Things you need to think about before you do this.

1st of all, if the hotspot charges you by the amount of hours/minutes you use it, you are charging THEM extra. Also if they try to connect to the network and you are using it, they won’t be able to connect.

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