Hack Your Way: into a Mac

Have you ever wondered if I was possible to hack a Mac password? Well sadly, it is.

A Mac
Physical Access to the computer


1. Make sure the machine is powered down. Once it is powered down you need to boot up in single users mode. To do that you hold down Command-S while booting. Once the screen goes black you can let go.

2. Now that you are in single users mode, you have to type in these commdands EXACTLY:

Command 1

fsck -fy

Command 2

mount -uw /

Command 3:

rm /var/db/.applesetupdone

Command 4:


3. Now te computer will reboot. Once it is rebooted you will have the same screen as you do when you buy the Mac. Follow the instructions. Just make sure you DO NOT make it the same user name as the account you wish to hack.

4. Now that you have an account with FULL admin privileges, you can go into settings and change the password for the account you want to hack.

5. Log in to the other account with your newly created password!

There you have it! You have sucsesfuly hacked a Mac. You won’t be able to view the keychain if it was locked tough (Unless you know the old password). The reason this works is because you tricked mac into thinking that this is the 1st time you’ve ever booted up your system. This processs doesn’t take as long as it seems (only about 5 minutes).

How do I fix this problem?

There are a few ways you can fix this. You can either turn on FileVault. Or don’t allow single users mode. But that can still be bypassed (if you buy a $999 software xD)

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