Why you SHOULDN’T use a Pass Code on an iPod Touch

Pass codes are good if you want to keep people out of your phone (including thieves). But if you use a pass code on your iPod Touch or iPad Wifi (Without 3G) and you loose it, you probably won’t get it back. On the other hand, if you don’t have a pass code and a thieve gets ahold of it (and connects it to the internet) you can locate your iPod using Find my iPhone and retrieve it. There is NO way he could connect it to the internet if there is there is passcode (therefore you wouldn’t find it 🙁 ).

If you are scared of them getting ahold of your personal information you can remotely wipe your iPod/iPad with Find my iPhone. A pass code is probably a better option if you have confidential information (because your iPod/iPad has to be conected to wifi in order to be erased). But if you ever want to find it GET RID OF YOUR PASS CODE!

Even if someone nice finds your iPod/iPad, how are they going to return it. If they cant look at your contacts list (and you don’t have a big fat sticker on the back :P) its GONE FOREVER! But if it didn’t have a pass code, they could call you (or you could locate it).

IF you have an iPhone by all means, PUT A PASS CODE ON IT! Since iPhones will be connected to the internet at all times you can locate it (Even if it is locked).

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