How to: Change your Forgotten Windows Password without Software

If you’ve ever forgot your windows password, and don’t know what it is. You can change it WITHOUT software. This will work if you haven’t changed your safe mode password. If you don’t know what safe mode is, then you probably haven’t changed it!


A Windows Computer that you Don’t know the password to


Step 1

Make sure you computer is shut off. Once it is off turn your computer on again and almost imediatly you will need to enter safe mode. It will say something on your screen like press f12 (Could be a different button). If you are having trouble finding the right button to push you can power off you computer by holding down the on button (Do this while its on). Don’t worry, this shouldn’t mess up your computer (but i’m not responsible if it does šŸ˜‰ ) When you restart the computer it will think it has been shutdown wrong (which it has šŸ˜‰ ), and will ask if you would like to enter safe mode. Click Yes.

Step 2

If it asks you if you would like to enter a GUI (Graphical Users Interface) or Text based operation, click the GUI. You will see a login screen. Login as Adminastrator (Or Admin). Now you are logged in and have FULL accsess to the machine. Go into Control panel and click on Users. Now click on change password, and type in your new password!

NOTE: I know this works on XP, and I think Vista. I am pretty sure it works with Windows 7 also. I am not sure though because I do not own a Windows anymore, and this article was just from my memory. So the way i’m describing it might not be completely acurate. But it is possible to change the password this way!

If you can’t get to the Admin account use a tool like Ophcrack Live CD. Once I get ahold of a Windows computer I will do a tutorial on Ophcrack! For now, just search the internet, there are TONS!

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