How to: Pay Anonymously Online

Its actually pretty easy if you think about it. You could use BitCoins…but not very many sites accept them. But you could buy a Visa Gift Card. A Visa Gift Card is basically a credit card that is not attached to anyones SSN in any way. You can pick them up at your local Target, Walmart, CVS, etc

In order to stay completely anonymous using them you should buy it with cash. And if you are signing up for something that is recurring (e.g a VPN connection) you should buy a $100 one instead (so you don’t have to keep switching out the card). Also, in order to pay online you have to register them. But they don’t ask for you SSN…so you could put in a fake address and fake name. Also I would register and pay with them using TOR. TOR hides you IP and encrypts your information online. So the company wouldn’t be able to look you up by your IP address.  I am not responsible for you actions…remember that. This is fore education purposes only. So don’t be doing anything illegal (but you wouldn’t get caught…because it is anonymous ;P)

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