Bulk Delete Books from Manage my Kindle Page

Amazon doesn’t let you delete books from Manage My Kindle in bulk. If you use chrome, you can automate the process of deleting books, so essentially… deleting in bulk. So that woul You can either delete everything from the current page, or you can delete all books with the same title. For example, I used a service to automatcly send me updates from TechCrunch daily. After a while my Manage my kindle page got overloaded with “TechCrunch” To delete them, I changed to the part that says “changetonameofbook” to the name of book I wanted auto deleted.

To excute this command you need chrome (you can on other browsers to but I use chrome). Click Command Option J (On Mac) and Ctrl Shift J (Windows) at the same time and then copy and paste the code below, making sure to change the “changetonameofbook” to the name of book you want to bulk delete.  It will now delete everything named the same as that book on the current page. This is really helpful and can save a LOT of time!

var a=document.getElementsByClassName(‘rowHeaderCollapsed’);
var to_delete = [];
for(var i = 0; i<a.length; i++){
if (a[i].getElementsByClassName(‘headerTitle’)[0].textContent == ‘changetonameofbook’) {
var id = a[i].getElementsByTagName(‘input’)[1].value;
to_delete.push(id);}}for(var i = 0; i<to_delete.length; i++){Fion.deleteItem(‘deleteItem_’+to_delete[i]);}

Also If you wanted to just delete everything on the page use this code instead:

javascript:(function(){ var v = new RegExp(“PersonalDocuments”); if (!v.test(document.URL)) { return false; } {a=document.getElementsByClassName(‘rowBodyCollapsed’);for(var i = 0; i<a.length; i++){Fion.deleteItem(‘deleteItem_’+a[i].getAttribute(‘asin’));};return; }})();

Just paste that one into your address bar! (The part where you type “google.com”)

Hope this helped!

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