Bypass: Application Passcode (iOS)

Have you ever used your friends iPhone and found out that they had set an application lock with an app like “AppLocker” or “Locktopus”? Well, I will show you how to bypass this…and it is EXTREMELY simple XP.



SBSettings must be installed on the victims iPhone




1. From the Lock bar, swipe to show SBSettings. Click on Power > Safe Mode.


2. Once you iPhone has rebooted into “Safe Mode” all restrictions will be gone. Then just have your friend type in their pass code again (If they have one). And ANY application they’ve locked…will be magically unlocked. To lock the apps again (So your “friend” doesn’t suspect anything) click on the status bar (The top of the phone where it says the time) and click “Restart”. This will respring the phone and you will be back in normal mode.


NOTES: This will only work if the phone has SBSettings installed. Most iPhones have this installed on them because it comes pre-installed with a lot of apps in cydia.


P.S A lot of these “Locking” Apps store the password in plain text in a .plist file. If you don’t know what I’m talking about…google it. I’m sure you will find something 😉

I am NOT responsible for your actions, this is for educational purposes only….I don’t think your “friend” will want you snooping in on his private life. That is why he has the lock in the first place 🙂


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