FREE: 200+ Instagram Followers

Oh Yes, Its Free

I am giving away 200 free Instagram followers per account. If you would like the followers you must go to and sign up. You must post 10 threads (ask questions, post tutorials, etc.) related to hacking. Please don’t post on the general forum or post more than 2 times a day. Also, if you have a twitter tweet the forum (And you will get an extra 50 followers). You must have at least 100 followers. If you have 500 or more active followers I will give you an extra 100 followers.


If you are active for more than 2 weeks, I will give you 700 followers. (Active is averaging 1 post a day and replying to new posts).


Once you have done that, please go to the Contact page, and make the subject “Free Followers”. Give me the username on the forum, and if you tweeted, I need your twitter username.


If you would like to become an admin, you may contact me immediately. As of now, there is no pay. This is because the forum is new and has no advertising. Once the forum starts generating an income, I will pay the admins appropriately.


The forum link is


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