YouLikeHits Bot August 2012


I have looked for a You Like Hits for a while, You Like hits, is a website where users trade YouTube views, twitter followers, website views, etc with each other. The more you watch, like, and view, the more points you get. When you get points, you can spend them on followers, views, etc.

There have been a lot of You Like Hits bots that have come and go, because the admin of the site figured out they were boting. I have run this bot for the past 2 days non stop. And I have gotten 2,500 points, which would normally cost you $20. This bot is made by the awesome site Bot Ninja, and they update it constantly. Right now, it only costs $10, but the price will go up, because they haven’t added in all the functionality yet. Just YouTube views, and website views. They are quickly adding other features, and with each feature added, the more it will go up. Get the bot with the link below 🙂

You Like Hits Bot From



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