How to: Email songs from the iPhone without Jailbreak!

I’ve always wondered if there was a way to email people or myself songs that were on my iPod. Sure, I could connect it to my computer and transfer it that way, but what if I don’t have my computer with me. There is a pretty simple and FREE way to send them!



iPhone….duhh 😛

Slow Down Music Player (Free)




1. Download Slow Down Music player from the App Store. It is free.


2. Open up the recently download app, and select the “select” button. It will show you a list of options, click “iPod Library”. Select the song you want from your iPod Library. Once you’ve found a song, click on it. It will begin to import.


3. Once its imported, click on select again, but this time click share, it will load the file into an email. Congratz, you’ve just emailed a song from the iPhone…without a jailbreak O_O

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