Send Personal Documents Over 3G on the Kindle FREE OF CHARGE!

Normally, amazon charges per megabyte to send a document wirelessly through their free 3G.

For Kindle device users living in the United States, the Kindle Personal Documents Service fee via Whispernet is $.15 per megabyte while inside the United States and $.99 per megabyte when traveling outside the United States.

That sucks, doesn’t it. What if I told you there was away around that–without jailbreaking or bypassing anything amazon has put in place. It’s a little more involved then the normal way, but it’s not much harder.


You will need two things, a kindle (obviously :P) and an iPhone/Android with the Kindle app with the latest update. You will need to write/remember your iPhone/Android Kindle email.


To find the iPhone/Android Kindle email address, you will need to go to Manage my Kindle >> Personal Document Settings (The bottom right).

Copy down the iPhone/Android address, and send the document using that address. Once you’ve sent the document, it will show up on your kindle’s archived items. Open up the Archived items on your Kindle 3G–and tap. Voila, it will begin to download free of charge….simple isn’t it 😉

Now when you send documents to your kindle, use your iPhone/Android address instead. This way, it will go to your archived items. You can get access to you archived items without having to pay to download. This is a very simple, yet serious money-saving hack, if you send a lot of documents to your kindle.

Will you use this hack? Let me know in the comments.


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