How to Flash a USB Rubber Ducky from Hak5

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Flashing the Rubber Ducky has been somewhat of a pain until now. I found it took a little longer than I wanted and a pain to always have to download the firmware and find the command I had to use. So, I decided to write a small program in python to do it for you quickly and easily. The program, ducky-flasher is on Google Code. Currently, it only supports Linux and Mac OSX. In the next few weeks, I will add Windows support. The only dependencies you need are DFU Programmer. To install DFU Programmer on Linux just type (sudo apt-get install dfu-programmer). To install dfu-programmer on OSX make sure you have Mac Ports installed, and then type (sudo port install dfu-programmer).

From Google Code:

It can flash the following firmware:
duck.hex v2 (Duck(Original))
usb.hex v2 (FAT Duck)
m_duck.hex v2 (Detour Duck(formerly Naked Duck))
c_duck.hex v2 (Twin Duck)
Twin Duck Versions I. Original II. Special Request 1 III. Special Request 2
To read more about the firmware go here

To install ducky-flasher run sudo python
You must have dfu-programmer installed (sudo apt-get install dfu-programmer)

To start ducky-flasher type ducky-flasher in your terminal emulator
To uninstall ducky-flasher run sudo python



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