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This is list of useful computer tools. Don’t worry, im not anywhere near finished! If you would would like to add the list you can Contact me or comment on this page. If it is useful, I will add it 🙂 !

Password Hacking/Cracking


Nirsoft has a bunch of awesome password recovery software for windows. It can recover email passwords, Skype conversations and passwords (even if skype was deleted), internet passwords, and almost any other program and all FREE! All virus free!

NOTE: If you have anti virus installed it might say it has a virus. But trust me…it DOESN’T!

Google Notifier

Your probably like “What? Google notifier? How does that hack…” It lets you bypass google 2-Step verifcation with an aplicaction specific password. Look at my tutorial on how to use it!


Ophcrack is a Live CD that cracks your Windows passwords. It doesn’t just remove the password, it actually cracks it and shows it to you (really quickly to). Its also free!

John the Ripper


“John the Ripper is a fast password cracker, currently available for many flavors of Unix, Windows, DOS, BeOS, and OpenVMS. Its primary purpose is to detect weak Unix passwords. Besides several crypt(3) password hash types most commonly found on various Unix systems, supported out of the box are Windows LM hashes, plus lots of other hashes and ciphers in the community-enhanced version.”

Network Monitoring


Wireshark is an awesome networking sniffing application! It lets you view all the trafic on a network. And even better it works with Mac, Windows, and Linux! Here is my tutorial on how to hack yahoo with it!


Kismac can crack WEP passwords on a Mac. It also lets you see MAC address on locked networks with MAC Filtering enabled! Its AWESOME Software.

iNet for Mac & iNet for iOS (iPhone)

iNet is an awesome network scanner for Mac and iOS. It scans the network and analizes the devices and gives you their names, Mac address (which can be useful for free interent), and saves them all to your computer. They also have it for iOS (iPhone). Best one i’ve seen!

Cain & Abel

Cain & Abel is like Wireshark on steroids (for sniffing passwords). It sniff’s the network for passwords automatically and even records VOIP conversations (that are unencrypted) on the Network! Its awesome! Sadly it only works for windows. I would do a tutorial but I only have a Mac 🙁

NOTE: If you have anti virus installed it might say it has a virus. But trust me…it DOESN’T!

Browser Tools

Firesheep (Firefox)

Firesheep automatically scans networks for login data and if it finds it, it logs you into the account! This doesn’t work for very many sites anymore. The only useful one I found it worked on was amazon! Still a great tool for this though (Scroll all the way down).

Add n Edit Cookies (Firefox)

This is a wonderful cookie editor! It is very simple to use and very effective! If you want to learn how to hack with into peoples accounts, CLICK HERE!

Data Recovery

Data Rescue 3 (Mac)

Data Rescue 3 recovers data you’ve delted from your hard drive! It can also (sometimes) remove data from damaged hard disks that don’t show up on your computer! Data Rescue is somewhat pricy, but does its job REALLY well! There are cheaper alternatives though!

Recuva (Windows)

Recuva recovers deleted files from your computer or an external hard drive! And best of all its FREE!

DRM Removal “Everyone hates DRM right?”

eBook Converter.com

eBook Converter has a lot of great eBook DRM removal. You can remove DRM from any kindle book, ePub books (Including ones from the library… unethical though), barns and noble eBooks and mobipocket books! You do have to pay, but its well worth the money and they work GREAT!

Handbrake & Mac The Ripper

Handbrake is a tool for converting DVD media into M4V but…it can’t remove the DRM. Thats where Mac the Ripper comes in handy! Mac the ripper is a free tool for Mac to remove the DRM and region codes! Together there AWESOME little tools!

iPhone Apps

UDID Faker (cydia.xsellize.com)

UDID Faker can be used to hide your identity from develipors, hack into peoples accounts, and get free beenverified credits!

Pirni Pro

Pirni Pro can sniff network packets! You can’t view them on your iDevice but you can email them to yourself to view in wireshark (a .pcap format). And not one thinks of an iPhone as a hacking device…the possibilities are endless 😉

WifiPass (Search for it in Cydia)

If you need the password to a wifi network just download this gem! It lets you see the passwords to the wifi networks you’ve joined! And its free 🙂


iTransmition is a torrent downloader for your iPhone! It actually downloads the torrents to your iPhone! Don’t go downloading a bunch of illegal stuf though 😛


SECURITYLEARN is a GREAT website on iPhone vulnerabilities and bugs which let you exploit the system. They will teach you how to bruteforce an iPhone passcode, remove the encryption from the iPhone Keychain and lots more! Check out this site 😛


Install this app on an iPhone, and then you will be able to se the conents of the keychain…decrypted. This is great if you already know the pascode, if you don’t head over to securitylearn!  If you don’t now how to install it, google



Bugmenot has logins for almost any you want. Its a great site if you want to view content but don’t want to sign up!


Spybot Search & Destroy

Spybot Search & Destroy its one of the best free virus removal tool for Windows!

Web Sites/Forums

Hack Forums

Hack foums is a communtitiy of a bunch of hackers! It has a lot of information on it. And if you need help, just post! If you want to view content without joining look at my tutorial on how to bypass it!


Yep! Google can help you hack & find vulnerabilities! All you need is to know how to specificallycraftyour searches! Check out this article on wikipedia to learn!

Hack This Site

This site actually encourages you to hack it! Its all about learning and testing your penetration skills!

Mobile Read

If you ever have a question about an eReader ask it on Mobile Read! They also have a bunch of tutorials on how to hack your eReaders!

The Always Up to Date Guide on Jailbreaking

Lifehacker is awesome. They have created an always up to date guide on jailbreaking. So if your wandering how to jailbreak, this is the place to start!

Stalking (I don’t aprove of it, but sometimes you need to find out information…)


Spokeo is just plain CREEPY! It is basicly a REALLY advanced Yellow Book! It scary how much it knows about people! You can search people by name, address, and email!!! You HAVE to check it out!

White Pages

White pages is great for finding out who lives at an address, doing a reverse phone lookup (only landlines), and its free (unlike Spokeo, but Spokeo is WAY better 😀 ). Click here to see how to do free reverse cell phone lookups (Normally Paid).

Creepy “Its creepy alright…”

Creepy was developed to show you exactly how easy it is to aggregate geolocation information and make you think twice next time you opt-in for geolocation features in twitter, or hitting “allow” in the “this application wants to use your current location” dialog on your iphone.

Life 360

Install it on someones phone (which you have permition) and volla, you can track their EVERY move!


Don’t use the website! Its anoying. But their iPhone app ROCKS! Also you can hack yourself free credits!

Zillow (Website) Zillow (iPhone App)

Zillow lets you see everything about almost any home! On newer houses it even has pictures of the inside. It also lets you see when and how much a house sold for! This site is incredibly creepy…

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